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At Boss Design our goal is to protect the environment through sustainable manufacturing and create a better and more prosperous society to live in. We do this by designing products to last, providing quality jobs and supporting local and global initiatives.

We understand that everything we do has an environmental and social impact. Working towards a sustainable future, we measure the impact of our activities and strive to continuously improve our processes. We are transparent about what we do, share our knowledge and have embedded a sustainable design mindset into our process, from the inception of each product through to its end-of-life plan.

It’s also important that we play a positive role in society. At Boss Design we ensure that everyone we deal with is treated with respect, that our employees receive fair and equal wages and that we always provide a safe working environment. Our community and educational programme gives people in our local communities an insight into our manufacturing practices and our commitment to the environment.

The six core principles we work to are outlined in our Sustainability & Wellness Manifesto: Economic Prosperity; Global Responsibility; Community Cohesion; Technical Innovation; A Focus on People; and Insightful Collaboration.

All International Trade Partner

Since its inception, Shearling has dedicated itself to seamlessly merging luxury and precision through the utilization of state-of-the-art CNC machines. By integrating cutting-edge technology from Germany and Italy into our operations, we ensure that each piece of furniture produced by Shearling embodies not only luxury but also unparalleled precision. We use engineered wood rather than conventional wood, resulting in higher-density and carbon-intensive products, which drastically reduces our net carbon footprint.

Our collaboration with Fratelli Rossetto Italy, marks a significant milestone in our journey. This technical joint venture represents a strategic alignment aimed at enhancing Shearling’s product offerings by integrating Italian design and manufacturing expertise. All products are manufactured in-house, ensuring consistent quality control and eliminating after-sales service issues. We ensure all our offerings meet Euro II norms and are free from AZO and PCP contents.